Friday, October 8, 2010

Filipino Book Festival Blog

San Francisco Main Public Library

Next year, at about this time  (October 1 and 2) 2011, San Francisco will showcase Filipino authors and their books in a Filipino Book Festival... the first of its kind.

For the first time,  a congregation of Filipino authors  coming from the Philippines, the United States, Europe,  the Americas, Australia, Canada and other countries will be given the opportunity to display their publications, do readings, give workshops,  interact with target audiences, and be introduced to the mainstream reading public.

Now is time for Filipino authors to get out of the woodwork.  This blog is a call to all of you authors  out there of differing genres  (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's books, TV documentaries, Comic books, Graphics, scholarly books, history, biographies, memoirs....) to respond to this call.

Give me your book titles, bibliographic particulars, your full name, affiliation,  a book cover image in .jpg  and a few blurbs about you.  I promise that the Organizing Committee of the Filipino Book Festival spearheaded by Ms. Gemma Nemenzo, Mr. Oscar Peñaranda  and a host of sponsors, will make sure that your work will be carefully and expertly showcased.

Do follow this blog as I post new authors and their works.


  1. Thank you for starting this, Penelope! I shared it on my Facebook, so I hope Gemma will get entries and recommendations. Hope to meet you soon! -Maya

  2. Hi Maya:

    It was good to meet you and the rest of the Steering Committee at the Filipino Book Festival Launch yesterday, Jan. 28th, 2011. ..a real good start!