Why Can't Readers get into my Filipino Book Festival blog?

I email my  friend Gemma Nemenzo, Coordinator of the Filipino Book Festival  to access this blog.  She comes back frustrated. " Whatever I do and however I try, I couldn't get into your blog. "  My connection screams at me saying:

Safari can’t find the server.
Safari can’t open the page “http://Filipino Book Festival.blogspot/” because Safari can’t find the server “Filipino Book Festival.blogspot,com”.

What's going on here?   Why can I open this blog and continue posting and feeding it when others can't open it?

Trying all kinds of accessing techniques, I found out the culprit.  One has to go into my own blog which is


From there, it shows that I have another blog named Filipino Book Festival, and therefore, by opening my own blog, one accesses the Filipino Book Festival blog.   What a circuitous way!

Sorry about that. I'm not savvy enough to get these two blogs uncoupled.  So there, my faithful blog followers, you got the reason why Gemma couldn't go to the Filipino Book Festival blog i created.