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Barbara Jane Reyes's bibliography of Filipino American Authors

I went to Barbara Jane Reyes' blog and was rewarded with a virtual mine of riches.

Poeta y Diwata
Disclaimer/please read this: this is an attempt at a somewhat comprehensive list, which I originally created in August 2006. Please bear in mind I am limited in my ability to know of every single title out there. That said, I will update this list on a somewhat regular basis, as titles become known to me. I do not include self-published books, books published by self-publishing services, and books published by vanity presses. I do not include chapbooks, e-publications, and CD’s. There are some titles that cross genre, and which I decided to place in one genre over another.
Books of Poetry
Barot, Rick. The Darker Fall. Louisville, KY: Sarabande Books, 2002.
Barot, Rick. Want. Louisville, KY: Sarabande Books, 2008.
Bautista, Michelle. Kali’s Blade. Saint Helena, CA: Meritage Press, 2006.
Biala, Arlene. Continental Drift. Albuquerque: West End Press, 1999.
Cabalquinto, Luis. Bridgeable Shores. New York: Kaya Press, 2001.
Carbó, Nick. El Grupo McDonalds. Sylmar, CA: Tia Chucha Press, 1995.
Carbó, Nick. Secret Asian Man. Sylmar, CA: Tia Chucha Press, 2001.
Carbó, Nick. Andalusian Dawn. Cincinnati: Cherry Grove Collections, 2004.
Carbó, Nick. Chinese, Japanese, What Are These? San Antonio: Pecan Grove Press, 2009.
Cariaga, Catalina. Cultural Evidence. Honolulu: Subpress/A’A Arts, 1999.
Cerenio, Virginia. Trespassing Innocence. San Francisco: Kearny Street Workshop Press, 1989.
Chacón, Sasha Pimentel. Insides She Swallowed. Albuquerque, NM: West End Press, 2009.
Corpuz, Veronica, and Michelle Naka Pierce. Tri/Via. Pittsburgh, PA: Erudite Fangs/Pub Lush, 2003.
de la Paz, Oliver. Names Above Houses. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2001.
de la Paz, Oliver. Furious Lullaby. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2007.
de la Paz, Oliver. Requiem for the Orchard. Akron, OH: University of Akron Press, 2010.
de los Santos, Marisa. From the Bones Out. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 2000.
Francia, Luis H. Museum of Absences. Saint Helena, CA and Quezon City: Meritage Press and University of the Philippines Press, 2004.
Gamalinda, Eric. Zero Gravity. Farmington, ME: Alice James Books, 1999.
Gamalinda, Eric. Amigo Warfare. Cincinnati: Cherry Grove Collections, 2007.
Gambito, Sarah. Matadora. Farmington, ME: Alice James Books, 2004.
Gambito, Sarah. Delivered. New York: Persea Books, 2009.
Gloria, Eugene. Drivers at the Short-Time Motel. New York: Penguin Books, 2000.
Gloria, Eugene. Hoodlum Birds. New York: Penguin Books, 2006.
Gotera, Vince. Dragonfly. San Antonio, TX: Pecan Grove Press, 1994.
Gotera, Vince. Fighting Kite. San Antonio, TX: Pecan Grove Press, 2007.
Hagedorn, Jessica. Dangerous Music. San Francisco: Momo’s Press, 1975.
Hagedorn, Jessica. Pet Food and Tropical Apparitions. San Francisco: Momo’s Press, 1981.
Hagedorn, Jessica. Danger and Beauty. New York: Penguin Books, 1993.
Ibardaloza, Aileen. traje de boda. Saint Helena, CA: Meritage Press, 2010.
Igloria, Luisa. Trill and Mordent. Cincinnati: WordTech Editions, 2005.
Igloria, Luisa. Juan Luna’s Revolver. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2009.
Jacinto, Jaime. Heaven Is Just Another Country. San Francisco: Kearny Street Workshop Press, 1996.
Javier, Paolo. The Time at the End of this Writing. Ontario, Canada: Ahadada Press, 2004.
Javier, Paolo. 60 lv bo(e)mbs. Oakland, CA: O Books, 2005.
Legaspi, Joseph O. Imago. Fort Lee, NJ: Cavankerry Press, 2007.
Lim-Wilson, Fatima. Crossing the Snow Bridge. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press, 1995.
Linmark, R. Zamora. Prime Time Apparitions. New York: Hanging Loose Press, 2005.
Linmark, R. Zamora. The Evolution of a Sigh. New York: Hanging Loose Press, 2008.
Llagas, Karen. Arkipelago Dust. Saint Helena, CA: Meritage Press, 2010.
Mann, Randall. Complaint in the Garden. Alexandria, VA: Orchises Press, 2004.
Mann, Randall. Breakfast with Thom Gunn. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2009.
Minahal, Maiana. Sitting Inside Wonder. SF: Monkey Press, 2003.
Minahal, Maiana. Legend Sondayo. Berkeley: Civil Defense Poetry, 2009.
Naca, Kristin. Bird Eating Bird. New York: Harper Collins, 2009.
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee. Miracle Fruit. Dorset, VT: Tupelo Press, 2003.
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee. At the Drive-In Volcano. Dorset, VT: Tupelo Press, 2007.
Peñaranda, Oscar. Full Deck (Jokers Playing). San Francisco: T’boli Publishing & Distribution, 2004.
Pineda, Jon. Birthmark. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2004.
Pineda, Jon. The Translator’s Diary. Kalamazoo, MI: New Issues Poetry and Prose, 2008.
Realuyo, Bino. The Gods We Worship Live Next Door. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2006.
Reyes, Barbara Jane. Gravities of Center. San Francisco: Arkipelago Books Publishing, 2003.
Reyes, Barbara Jane. Poeta en San Francisco. Kaneohe, HI: Tinfish Press, 2005.
Reyes, Barbara Jane. Diwata. Rochester, NY: BOA Editions, Ltd., 2010.
Rivera, Patria. Puti/White. Calgary, Alberta: Frontenac House, 2005.
Rivera, Patria. The Bride Anthology. Alberta: Frontenac House, 2007.
Robles, Al. Rappin’ With Ten Thousand Carabaos in the Dark: Poems. Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 1996.
Rosal, Patrick. Uprock, Headspin, Scramble and Dive. New York: Persea Books, 2003.
Rosal, Patrick. My American Kundiman. New York: Persea Books, 2006.
Starnes, Sofia M. A Commerce of Moments. Columbus, OH: Pavement Saw Press, 2003.
Tabios, Eileen R. Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole. East Rockaway, NY: Marsh Hawk Press, 2002.
Tabios, Eileen R. Menage a Trois with the 21st Century. Espoo, Finland: xPress(ed), 2004.
Tabios, Eileen R. I Take Thee, English, for My Beloved. East Rockaway, NY: Marsh Hawk Press, 2005.
Tabios, Eileen R. Secret Lives of Punctuations, Vol. 1. Espoo, Finland: xPress(ed), 2006.
Tabios, Eileen R. Dredging for Atlantis. Rockhampton, Australia: Otoliths, 2006.
Tabios, Eileen R. Silences: The Autobiography of Loss. West Hartford, CT: Blue Lion Books, 2007.
Tabios, Eileen R. The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes: Our Autobiography. East Rockaway, NY: Marsh Hawk Press, 2007.
Tabios, Eileen R. The Blind Chatelaine’s Keys. Kenmore, NY: BlazeVOX [books], 2008.
Tabios, Eileen R. Nota Bene Eiswein. Toronto and Tokyo: Ahadada, 2009.
Tabios, Eileen R. Footnotes To Algebra: Uncollected Poems 1995-2009. Kenmore, NY: BlazeVOX [books], 2009.
Tabios, Eileen R. The Thorn Rosary: Selected Prose Poems 1998-2010. East Rockaway, NY: Marsh Hawk Press, 2010.
Tagami, Jeff. October Light. San Francisco: Kearny Street Workshop Press, 1987.
Tan, Joel. Monster. Los Angeles: Noice Press, 2002.
Tan, Joel. Type O Negative. Granada Hills, CA: Red Hen Press, 2008.
Vengua, Jean. Prau. Saint Helena, CA: Meritage Press, 2007.
Villa, José Garcia. The Anchored Angel. New York: Kaya Press, 1999.
Villa, José Garcia. Doveglion: Collected Poems. New York: Penguin Classics, 2008.
Alumit, Noel. Letters to Montgomery Clift. San Francisco: MacAdam/Cage Publishing, 2002.
Alumit, Noel. Talking to the Moon. New York: Carroll and Graf, 2006.
Apostol, Gina. The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata. Manila: Anvil Publishing, 2009.
Bacho, Peter. Cebu. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1991.
Bacho, Peter. Nelson’s Run. Holliston, MA: Willowgate Press, 2002.
Bacho, Peter. Entrys. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2005.
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. When the Rainbow Goddess Wept. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1999.
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. Magdalena. Austin, TX: Plain View Press, 2002.
Bulosan, Carlos. America Is in the Heart. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1974.
Bulosan, Carlos. Cry And Dedication. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1995.
Bulosan, Carlos. All the Conspirators. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1998.
Chai, Arlene J. Last Time I Saw Mother. New York: Ballantine Books, 1997.
de los Santos, Marisa. Love Walked In. New York: Plume, 2006.
de los Santos, Marisa. Belong to Me. New York: William Morrow, 2008.
Galang, M. Evelina. One Tribe. Kalamazoo, IL: New Issues Poetry and Prose, 2006.
Hagedorn, Jessica. Dogeaters. New York: Penguin Books, 1991.
Hagedorn, Jessica. The Gangster of Love. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1996.
Hagedorn, Jessica. Dream Jungle. New York: Viking Press, 2003.
Holthe, Tess Uriza. When The Elephants Dance. New York: Crown, 2002.
Holthe, Tess Uriza. The Five-Forty-Five to Cannes. New York: Crown, 2007.
Linmark, R. Zamora. Rolling The R’s. New York: Kaya Press, 1997.
Murray, Sabina. A Carnivore’s Inquiry. New York: Grove Press, 2004.
Murray, Sabina. Forgery. New York: Grove Press, 2007.
Nolledo, Wilfrido D. But for the Lovers. Normal, IL: Dalkey Archive Press, 1994.
Ong, Han. Fixer Chao. New York: Picador, 2002.
Ong, Han. The Disinherited. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux Publishers, 2004.
Realuyo, Bino. The Umbrella Country. New York: Ballantine Books, 1999.
Romero, Sofia G. Always Hiding. New York: William Morrow, 1998.
Roley, Brian Ascalon. American Son. New York: W.W. Norton, 2001.
Rosca, Ninotchka. State of War. New York: W.W. Norton, 1988.
Rosca, Ninotchka. Twice Blessed. New York: W.W. Norton, 1992.
Syjuco, Miguel. Ilustrado. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2010.
Ty-Casper, Linda. DreamEden. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1997.
Short Story Collections
Apostol, Gina, Eric Gamalinda, and Lara Stapleton. The Thirdest World. Ithaca, NY: Factory School, 2001.
Bacho, Peter. Dark Blue Suit and Other Stories. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1997.
Galang, M. Evelina. Her Wild American Self: Short Stories. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1996.
Gonzales, N.V.M. The Bread of Salt and Other Stories. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1993.
Murray, Sabina. The Caprices. New York: Mariner Books, 2002.
Peñaranda, Oscar. Seasons by the Bay. San Francisco: T’boli Publishing & Distribution, 2004.
Santos, Bienvenido. Scent of Apples: A Collection of Stories. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1979.
Skinner, Michelle Cruz. Balikbayan: A Filipino Homecoming. Honolulu: Bess Press, 1997.
Skinner, Michelle Cruz. In the Company of Strangers. Honolulu: Bamboo Ridge Press, 2009.
Stapleton, Lara. The Lowest Blue Flame Before Nothing. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books, 1998.
Tagatac, Geronimo. The Weight of the Sun. Portland, OR: Ooligan Press, 2006.
Villa, José Garcia. Have Come, Am Here. New York: Viking Press, 1942.
Villanueva, Marianne. Ginseng and Other Tales from Manila. Corvalis, OR: Calyx Books, 1991.
Villanueva, Marianne. Mayor of the Roses. Oxford, OH: Miami University Press, 2005.
Villanueva, Marianne. The Lost Language. Manila: Anvil Publishing, 2009.
Non-Fiction Essay and Memoir
Buell, Evangeline Canonizado. Twenty-Five Chickens and a Pig for a Bride. San Francisco: T’boli Publishing & Distribution, 2006.
Francia, Luis H. Eye of the Fish. New York: Kaya Press, 2001.
Guillermo, Emil. Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective. San Francisco: Asian Week Books/Monkey Tales Press, 1999.
Jamero, Peter. Growing Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino American. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2006.
McReynolds, Patricia Justiniani. Almost Americans: A Quest for Dignity. Santa Fe, NM: Red Crane Books, 1997.
Mossman, Helen Madamba. A Letter to My Father: Growing Up Filipino and American. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2008.
Pineda, Jon. Sleep in Me. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2010.
Poblete, Pati Navalta. The Oracles: My Filipino Grandparents in America. Berkeley, CA: Heyday Press, 2006.
San Juan Jr., E., ed. On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1995.
Stickmon, Janet. Crushing Soft Rubies. Piedmont, CA: Broken Shackle Press, 2003.
Strobel, Leny Mendoza. A Book of Her Own. San Francisco: T’boli Publishing & Distribution, 2005.
Children’s and Young Adult Books
Bacho, Peter. Leaving Yesler. NY: Pleasure Boat Studio, 2010.
Gilles, Almira Astudillo. Willie Wins. New York: Lee and Low Books, 2001.
Gilmore, Dorina K. Lazo. Cora Cooks Pancit. Walnut Creek, CA: Shen’s Books, 2009.
Robles, Al. Looking for Ifugao Mountain: Paghahanap sa Bundok ng Ifugao. San Francisco: Children’s Book Press, 1977.
Robles, Anthony D. Lakas and the Manilatown Fish: Si Lakas at Ang Isda Manilatown. San Francisco: Children’s Book Press, 2003.
Robles, Anthony D. Lakas and the Makibaka Hotel: Si Lakas at Ang Makibaka Hotel. San Francisco: Children’s Book Press, 2006.
Graphic Novels
Ayuyang, Rina. Whirlwind Wonderland. Portland, OR: Spark Plug Comic Books, 2010.
Barry, Lynda J. One! Hundred! Demons! Seattle: Sasquatch Books, 2002.
Torres, J. and Elbert Or. Lola: A Ghost Story. Portland, OR: Oni Press, 2010.
Plays and Screenplays
Cajayon, Gene, and John Manal Castro. The Debut. Chicago: Tulitos Press, 2001.
Faigao-Hall, Linda. Woman on the other side of the world. Woodstock, IL: The Dramatic Publishing Company, 1996.
Pulido, Rod. The Flipside: A Filipino American Comedy. Chicago: Tulitos Press, 2002.
Tanglao-Aguas, Francis. When the Purple Settles. Manila: Bathala Press, 2006.
Anthologies: Short Stories, Poetry, Plays, and Essay
Alvarez, Ivy, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego & Eileen Tabios, eds. The Chained Hay(Na)Ku Project. Saint Helena, CA: Meritage Press, 2010.
Barrios-Leblanc, Joi. Savage Stage: Plays by Ma-Yi Theater Company. NY: Ma-Yi Theater Company, 2007.
Bay Area Pilipino American Writers. Without Names: A Collection Of Poems. San Francisco: Kearny Street Workshop Press, 1985.
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra, ed. Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in America. Manila: Anvil Publishing, 1998.
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra, ed. Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults. Santa Monica, CA: Philippine American Literary House, 2003.
Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra, ed. Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults. Santa Monica, CA: Philippine American Literary House, 2010.
Cabico, Regie, and Todd Swift, eds. Poetry Nation: The North American Anthology of Fusion Poetry. Montreal: Vehicule Press, 1998.
Cachapero, Emily, Bayani Mariano, and Luis Syquia, eds. Liwanag: Literary and Graphic Expressions by Filipinos in America. San Francisco: Liwanag Publishing Co., 1975.
Carbó, Nick, ed. Returning a Borrowed Tongue: An Anthology of Filipino and Filipino American Poetry. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1995.
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Carbó, Nick, and Eileen Tabios, eds. Babaylan: An Anthology of Filipina and Filipina American Writers. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books, 2000.
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Villanueva, Marianne, and Virginia Cerenio, eds. Going Home to a Landscape: Writings by Filipinas. Corvalis, OR: Calyx Books, 2003.
Non-fiction and Essay: Literary/Cultural Criticism and Theory
Carbó, Nick, ed. PINOY POETICS: A Collection of Autobiographical and Critical Essays on Filipino and Filipino-American Poetics. St. Helena, CA: Meritage Press, 2004.
Davis, Rocío G., Transcultural Reinventions: Asian American and Asian Canadian Short-Story Cycles. Toronto: Tsar Publications, 2003.
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Tabios, Eileen, ed. Black Lightning: Poetry in Progress. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1998.

Comment from Gemma Nemenzo

Thanks, Gemma;

Thanks, Penelope, good job. 

Can you put a separate section for a Call for Reviews - 100-200 words on a Filipino authored book?

Also, please clarify that the book festival will provide authors and their publishers a venue to display their books. But we won't do the selling ourselves. They have to get their own table or, if they can't come, they can arrange with another author or organization (PAWA, FAHNS) who will be getting a table/booth to carry their books. But emphasize, "more info later."

To those who are participating in the Filipino Book Festival on October 1st and 2nd, 2011  please note.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Filipino authors currently on my bookshelf

Here are some Filipino authors currently on my bookshelf:

Luis H. Francia.  2010. A History of the Philippines.  From Indios Bravos to Filipinos.   New York: The Overview Press.

Miguel Syjuco.  2010. Ilustrado.  New York:  Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Karen Llagas. 2010. Archipelago Dust.  St. Helena and San Francisco:  Meritage Press.

Barbara Jane Reyes, 2010. Diwata. American Poets Continuum Series No.123. Rochester,  NY.: BOA Editions Ltd.

Caridad Concepcion Vallangca.  2008.  The Third Wave: Quo Vadis.  Bloomington, IN.  Author's House.

Fred Cordova.  1983. Filipinos:  Forgotten Asian Americans.  Demonstration Project for Asian Americans.

Edwin A. Lozada (Ed.) 2008.  Field of Mirrors:  An Anthology of Philippine American Writers. San Francisco, CA. Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc.

To our new blog followers:

Please share with  http://  a bibliographic list of Philippine authors currently on your bookshelf.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Filipino Book Festival Blog

San Francisco Main Public Library

Next year, at about this time  (October 1 and 2) 2011, San Francisco will showcase Filipino authors and their books in a Filipino Book Festival... the first of its kind.

For the first time,  a congregation of Filipino authors  coming from the Philippines, the United States, Europe,  the Americas, Australia, Canada and other countries will be given the opportunity to display their publications, do readings, give workshops,  interact with target audiences, and be introduced to the mainstream reading public.

Now is time for Filipino authors to get out of the woodwork.  This blog is a call to all of you authors  out there of differing genres  (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's books, TV documentaries, Comic books, Graphics, scholarly books, history, biographies, memoirs....) to respond to this call.

Give me your book titles, bibliographic particulars, your full name, affiliation,  a book cover image in .jpg  and a few blurbs about you.  I promise that the Organizing Committee of the Filipino Book Festival spearheaded by Ms. Gemma Nemenzo, Mr. Oscar Peñaranda  and a host of sponsors, will make sure that your work will be carefully and expertly showcased.

Do follow this blog as I post new authors and their works.